Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 8

We packed, had breakfast and then said goodbye to our Polish families and friends.

Savanna and Rebecca

Cameron, Mikal and family 

Michal and Cameron

Chloe, Klara and mum

Klara and Chloe

Tom, Michal, Jack and Chris ('The boys')

'The boys' with Adam 

Adam and Will

Will, Adam and mum

Matti and Jake

With mum 

With mum and dad

Such amazing families!

Elise and Ola 

Elise, Ola and family

George and Oskar

Jorja and Chris

Jorja, Chris and family

Tinks, Julia and family

Saying goodbye!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 7

We all went to Manufactura for a day shopping and fun.

Back to ECM for burgers.

Then Mr and Mrs with our Polish friends

Finally, our last night with our Polish families having dinner and fun.

Day 6

Today we all went to Warsaw. We visited the King's Palace.

Then onto the country's national stadium

In the afternoon we still had time to see the beautiful old town of the city

The boys ask for a snack.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Day 5

Becks is back!!!

We went to the school again today. Show and tell is slightly different, and definitely more interesting than it is in England!!

Waiting to go!

Students visited the local council, and promptly took over.

In the evening all the students spent time with their families again. Becks went to the theatre to see Carmen. Her friend from Poland, Savanna was actually in the opera that night. Becks looked so elegant and grown up dressed for the theatre.

Day 4

Poland by car

Students went to the local sports centre and played some handball.

Will training for the Olympics in Rio.

A games competition took place between all the students match friends.

Chicken nuggets and chips for lunch.

Students then spent evening time with their host family. They all had a brilliant time again!!

Becks had dinner with the teachers tonight because her Polish friend had an emergency hospital appointment. The food, as usual, was amazing. Becks did so well to eat such sophisticated food.